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Cleveland Heights Chiropractic Clinic Reviews

person making a heart shape with their handsWhat Our Lakeland Patients Say

At Cleveland Heights Chiropractic Clinic we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

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In Health and Happiness,
The Cleveland Heights Chiropractic Clinic Team

  • Dr. Scottie was really nice, attentive, and knowledgeable!

    -Shawn D.
  • I am so thankful to have found this place! Such a blessing and I am able to get the help I need in a timely manner!

    -Laura J.
  • Wonderful, caring staff! Excellent experience with Dr. Ison! I will highly recommend him to family and friends.

    -Christine B.
  • I already feel better. The receptionist and assistant were so nice too.

    -Suzanne P.
  • Very happy with staff and Dr on my first visit. Staff was very friendly and outgoing. Dr. Ison was very personable. Thanks for making me feel at ease for my first visit to chiropractic care!

    -Aprille S.
  • I can’t wait to come back!

    -Deanna A.
  • Very knowledgeable doctors!

    -Sabra S.
  • We really appreciate your office accommodating our family and working us into your schedule with such little notice. It is obvious that you care about your patients! We look forward to our next visit!

    -Aimee B.
  • I would recommend Cleveland Heights Chiropractic Clinic to anyone in need of chiropractic care. Dr. Alex Ison is very professional, knowledgeable and compassionate. A pleasant patient experience with positive outcomes.

    -Bruce J.
  • Simply the best experience ever. I always look forward to going to my appointments.

    -Darla B.
  • Everyone from start to finish are extremely wonderful!

    -Tammie S.
  • This was my first experience with Chiropractic therapy. After only one visit, the tension in my shoulders was significantly reduced and nearly gone after the second visit. Dr. Scottie Ison is extremely competent, professional, and friendly.

    -Phyllis G.
  • The staff are very nice! I have enjoyed my care so far and will continue to go back.

    -Lindsey H.
  • Definitely not a new patient, but a former one who waited way too long to come back! My neck has been hurting and I was scared and nervous to come in. Dr Ison took the time to listen before the adjustment. I already can’t wait to come back!

    -Christina K.
  • Very professional staff and I felt truly cared for!

    -Scott S.
  • I really love the time spent with me to listen to my issues and the care I received to help my issue.

    -Rebecca B.
  • My experience was very friendly and professional.

    -Eusebia B.
  • Wonderful, kind, professional staff and Dr. Scottie is the VERY BEST. I am very blessed to have found this wonderful clinic. I feel wonderful when I leave. My husband and I love them all !

    -Barbara H.
  • Amazing staff, from the start of the visit. They have a really friendly receptionist that greets you with a sweet voice and a big smile, the kind of receptionist you don’t see anymore. The doctor was phenomenal! He took his time to explain every detail and what was wrong with me, and what he was going to do to help me. Gentle hands and very kind. I left there feeling like a brand new woman. Cannot wait to go back. Thank you guys!

    -Rachel M.

I just want to thank Mr and Mrs. Scott for accepting me as a patient. I am thoroughly pleased with the work that Mr.Scott has done so far. I came in with extreme neck and back pain with my sciatic nerve and already I’m walking without a limp and standing taller with less pain. Office staff is very friendly and professional.

- Tricia C.

I highly recommend Cleveland Heights Chiropractic Clinic. The personnel is very kind and helpful. Dr. Scottie Ison gave me a thorough explanation of what he found and how he was to correct it. Definitely a thumbs up!

- Joleen G.

This Team is Great! “Snap, Crackle and then the Pop! My neck had all those knots and my shoulders had been tight and in pain for months. I found myself sleeping for a few hours, then awake all night long…for months. After my second Visit, I actually got 8 hours of steady sleep and I’m feeling great.

- Willett A.

I was very, very pleased how clean the office was and how friendly and professional the staff was as I entered the office. Dr. Ison was so nice; he put my nervousness at ease. I felt great after my first adjustment. I highly recommend Cleveland Heights Chiropractor Clinic and Dr. Ison.

- Lorraine J.

I was very impressed as I drove up to your building and the longer I stayed the more impressed I became. When I left, I couldn’t wait to tell my wife, Nancy about your operation and how personal you all were. Thank you.

- Bobbie V.

Everyone was very friendly, from the receptionist to the chiropractor. The Doctor explained everything because he knew I was super nervous for it was my very first time seeing a chiropractor ever. Thank you, Dr. Ison and staff.

- Sheila T.

My pain was minimized after the first visit. Very professional with a friendly atmosphere. Explains every movement in detail. A very positive experience. Thank you for giving me a new healing experience.

- Brenda P.

Dr Alex took his time with me and explained a lot of things to me for me to better understand what was going on. One of the nicest doctors I’ve ever met. Which I don’t seem to have luck with that. Lol. Can’t wait to keep coming back for my journey of feeling better.

- Kelly L.

I have seen Dr. Scottie several times for an ongoing problem and find him to be the perfect blend of the professional and the personal. His office staff is kind and knowledgeable… always working to get you seen as quickly as possible.

- Tanya C.

Our experience with CHCC has been the BEST! The Front Desk is friendly and helpful, the nurse always greets us with a smile and asks how we’ve been, and the doctors are always attentive to our concerns and do their best to provide us with excellent care. I have a family with 5 children and they always accommodate my large family and do it with a smile. They work well with small children and kids with special needs too. We love CHCC!

- Kristina C.

I love it! A blessing to finally find a caring doctor, staff and clinic. You have a patient for life!

- Joan M.

I am very grateful and thankful that I found a great chiropractor that takes the time to listen and fix all the issues I have! I was in severe pain and missed my appointment. They got me into the office no problem at all with no appointment–That was so awesome! Thank you all for helping me out and I will definitely let my friends know about the office and especially Dr. Alex and his father!
- Tiffany C.

I have white coat syndrome which means I have anxiety when going to any doctors office. I have the anxiety when I first get there but after being with the staff and the doctor this goes away because of the kindness and patience that they take with each individual client. I will continue going there and will recommend anyone to them when needed. Thank you for putting us at ease.

- Mary V.

I was very impressed of how quickly my low back pain and right hip pain was relieved. I was walking and doing well after the first visit. Of course, followed instructions of applying the ice for the next couple days. Now walking well and getting stronger every day.

- Kathleen S.

I have known this family for a very long time. One could not want a better and helpful and accommodating family, got fit in the very day I called. Beginning to feel a difference already thanks for your help and care. Not forgetting the staff.

- Daphne P.

It has been almost two years, since my car accident, and all the providers I have seen just sent medication, diagnostic testing, and physical therapy. I can’t sit here and say it wasnt helpful, it was but it was a quick fix, and didnt resolve the issue. Since that accident, I live in pain and for the first time I feel hopeful that I will get better. I strongly feel that Dr.Scottie will be able to give me the quality of life I yearn for. Thank you!

- Michelle V.

I’ve only ever had to wait one time. I really appreciate Dr. Scottie’s bedside manner and the way he explains things. I get great results under his care.

- Pamela M.

I have been going to Dr. Scotti for years and I truly feel like he always listens and even better EXPLAINS to me what he is doing and why. I always feel improvement after adjustment and the staff is wonderful. A good chiropractor is hard to find and I’m so glad I’ve found you all!

- Salena J.

I have tried opiods, back surgery and neither one worked. My neurosurgeon said next step would be a double spinal fusion. I didn’t want that. Dr. Alex is the first chiropractor I had been to. My Dr told me to NOT go to a chiropractor that it would make condition worse. Dr Alex fixed what was wrong. I was amazed. Why did I wait so long?

Needless to say, I do not need opioids or surgery. A chiropractor is better than both. I will continue being adjusted, and will for the rest of my life.

Thank you for all your help and God Bless

-Gina M.

The staff was very friendly, Was very satisfied with the service overall. Will recommend friends and co- workers. Mr. Olson was very nice and explained everything he was going to do and what his findings were. I was very satisfied with the service I received.

- Tina R.

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